SGA's R&D; Data Visualization Tool

Under the leadership of SGA 2013-14 Chairman, Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe, SGA collected reams of publicly available data about research and development (R&D) activities.

Using Tableau data visualization software, SGA then transformed that data into a series of eight dashboards that provide users with deeper insight into R&D activities being undertaken in the American South and beyond. They include:

1. R&D Intensity Trends by Region and State
2. R&D Intensity Trends by Performer
3. 2011 Federal R&D by Performer, Region and State
4. 2011 Federal R&D State Comparisons
5. 2011 Academic R&D Expenditures
6. 2012 Science & Engineering Doctorates
7. Science and Engineering Workforce
8. Patents

Check back regularly, as SGA will continue to build out new data sets in a variety of policy areas, and will update existing data as new information becomes available.

R&D; in the American South


All data represented as part of this project was excerpted from the National Science Board’s Science and Engineering Indicators 2014 State Data Tool, or provided to SGA by the US Patent Office.