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Education was an important issue to Southern Governors even during the turmoil of the Great Depression. As the South worked to repair its economy in the 1930s, 40s and 50s, a big portion of its efforts were aimed at improving public education. Starting with higher education, Southern Governors, along with academic leaders, became pioneers in lifting the low education standards throughout the region.

Today, Southern Governors are actively engaged in the national discussion about how to improve K-12 education and encourage attendance to post-secondary education institutions, and have been working hard within their respective states to identify and implement the policy changes required to meet the education needs of their citizens. Our Governors fully recognize the importance of cultivating an educated, motivated and productive workforce in order to sustain the region’s long-term economic growth.

Regional Education News

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4/17/2014 GA Gov. Deal Signs Bill Increasing Rural Health Care ProvidersLegislation expands Georgia Medical Student Scholarship, increases number of opportunities for health care providers. [Read More]
4/16/2014 VA Gov. McAuliffe Announces Collaboration with NASA Langley Research Center Research agreement focuses on work on applied Earth science research projects. [Read More]
4/15/2014 USVI Gov. de Jongh Meets with Federal Officials on viNGN Broadband Network ProjectsFederal agencies pleased with progress of high speed fiber optic infrastructure development, existing viNGN operations. [Read More]
4/15/2014 NC Gov. McCrory Launches Major Workforce Development InitiativeNCWorks to focus on one goal – connecting North Carolina jobs with North Carolina people. [Read More]
4/14/2014 NC Gov. McCrory Proposes Higher Investment for High-Demand OccupationsDecisions on how to invest funds will be made at local level to directly connect training to area economy. [Read More]
4/14/2014 AR Gov. Beebe's Weekly Address: Rewarding Educational ExcellenceState provides financial awards to public schools for academic achievement, academic growth, high graduation rates. [Read More]
4/10/2014 VA Gov. McAuliffe Announces 2014 Challenge Champions in Economics, Personal FinanceThree Virginia high school teams crowned state champions. [Read More]
4/9/2014 MD Gov. O’Malley Signs Legislation to Expand High-Quality Pre-K“Education is a ladder to middle class success...we've done a lot to hold down the cost of college.” [Read More]
3/31/2014 WV Gov. Tomblin: Investing in Our State, Supporting Our Future Workforce"Education is the cornerstone of economic development, and we've taken that message to schools across the state." [Read More]
3/26/2014 MO Gov. Nixon: Joplin Innovation Campus Moves Forward with New AgreementArrangement provides students opportunity to earn associate degree while in high school. [Read More]

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