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Mike Beebe

2013 State of the State Address

Governor Beebe
1800 Center Street
Little Rock, AR 72206
Phone: 501-324-9805
Fax: 501-682-1382 

Southern Governors' Representative
Haley Keenan-Gray, Policy Advisor





Arkansas News Digest

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6/23/2014 AR Gov. Beebe's Weekly Address: A Milestone in Veterans CareProviding prompt, appropriate care for Americans who served will remain challenge as veteran population grows, ages. [Read More]
6/18/2014 AR Gov. Beebe Calls for Schools to Regain Access to Statewide Broadband NetworkComments come as Board of Education adopts Arkansas Digital Learning Study; Beebe endorses report. [Read More]
6/17/2014 Governor Beebe's Weekly Address: New Jobs Across Arkansas"As long as we make education an integral part of our economic success, more announcements will come our way." [Read More]
6/9/2014 Gov. Beebe's Weekly Address: Keeping Arkansas Beautiful for 25 YearsStewardship efforts improve quality of life; makes us an attractive destination for tourists, businesses and families. [Read More]
5/30/2014 AR Gov. Beebe's Weekly Address: Healthy ResultsProgram will continue to be model for other states seeking to expand access to health care. [Read More]
5/28/2014 AR Manufacturing, Business Reps Meet with Gov. BeebeFocus of forum centered on ways to improve jobs with existing industries. [Read More]
5/27/2014 AR Gov. Beebe's Weekly Address: Standing To VolunteerVolunteer efforts make a lasting contribution to substance and spirit of state’s communities. [Read More]
5/23/2014 AR Gov. Beebe Recognizes Global Trade Award WinnersAwardees prove that businesses large and small can succeed in global marketplace. [Read More]
5/21/2014 AR Gov. Beebe: Tech and Innovation Focused Start-Ups Get Another BoostGoal is to foster a climate that accelerates the growth of innovative. [Read More]
5/19/2014 AR Gov. Beebe's Weekly Address: A Promise That Still DeliversEl Dorado Promise has provided college scholarships to nearly 1,500 students. [Read More]

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